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it's so silent here.

april 30th 2021 01:24pm updates: - nothing
i haben't doing doing stuff here for a while, and there are a few reasons to it. first of all, i got a new pc. well, i wouldn't call it new since it's basically just second hand and it was a gift. but it's much better than my rusty laptop. i am enjoying the upgrade very much, yet i am too anxious to download things unless i know they're from a trustful source.

that also means that graphic updates will take a while until i feel comfortable. luckily i created a backup with the most important things, so i won't lose any files such as my brushes and other things. i might have lost some stuff, that i know, but i don't think it's important stuff anyway until i find out.

aside from that, i've finally been hired! it took me over a year and a half to finally get to work at the place i intered at, and i am very happy. i finally have a job! it's not my dream job per se, but it's one step on being independent. it took me so damn long, and i am very happy with how it's going. my boss is super chill, too.

i've also been playing more ffxiv lately, ever since i got the pc, it feels much better playing on pc rather than on ps4. i also pre-ordered the new expac, and i am very excited to play it!!

so far there's nothing else. i don't know when i'll work on a new layout and whatnot. i have to get my motivation back, so sorry for being so silent. i hope you have a good one.
until next post.