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more lockdown vibing & gaming talk

feb 22nd 2021 10:54pm
it's been very quiet here, but that's because i have been playing more genshin impact because of the xiao event. i didn't roll him, unfortunately, which was very frustrating. i was hoping for a lucky draw, since i had it guaranteed, but unfortunately, i didn't manage to get him. instead, i got beidou to c6, which is sad because i abandoned her for razor, who will be abandoned for keqing. i got my welkin moon going, which i will collect every day, and then i might take a good break until 1.4 drops and i can focus on hu tao.

enough genshin talk, how have things been? quite okay, i think. other than just playing genshin, i finally got started on redoing my island in animal crossing. i want to go for a japanese themed kind of town, with a little mix of forestcore in one area. the entrance is about done, i am now waiting for my kabuki amiibo to arrive. i had francine move out on saturday, which was a bit of a loss, but i thought it was for the better. i had about 82 NMTs, 46 were from my previous villager trades, 16 came from my own NM balance, and another 20 came from my friend, who kindly donated them to me. i was looking for either genji or kabuki, but ended up empty-handed. oh well.

my boyfriend gave me money so i could buy persona 5 strikers as a belated valentines day present. the game will be launching in a couple of hours from now on, so i am more than excited to play it. unfortunately, it doesn't have one of my fav characters, akechi in it, which is a bit of a downer, but i have heard that zenkichi is also a good character, so i am very pumped.

as for my birthday presents, i got myself a demon slayer tamagotchi about a week ago. he's still alive, i am not kidding. then i got myself two demon slayer shirts since uniqlo had them on sale. yeah... i kind of... gifted myself a few things. think of it as a coping mechanism, a kind of bad one as well. a close friend from berlin sent me a birthday package. it arrived two days to late because we had problems with the weather which caused delays on packages here in germany. it contained handbaked cookies (which were very delicious), matcha chocolate (which taste like matcha kitkat) and a 15 euro eshop card for my switch. i redeemed that one a few days ago for coffee talk (which i can HIGHLY recommend!!) and don't starve (i love the pc version, so i wanted to give the switch version a try).

the days will pass by, i won't do much in the next days aside from going to my dentist appointment on thursday. it won't be a bad one, just a checkup. i hope there's no big damage, so far i haven't been suffering any pain either, which is good.

new updates will come as soon as i'm out of my slump. stay tuned and have a good one until then.