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gettin' brighter again!

posted on 20 Oct 2020

that change from dark to bright though... sorry to anyone who was so used to it but... i wanted to make a new layout and venti... that little gremlin... if he would come home i'd apprectiate it (and diluc... my husband...). genshin impact is good, guys. play it, it's free and it's 'waifu breath of the wild' lmfao

but yeah, i have tried to make a decent header, so... sorry if it doesn't look as decent as you expect it to be... perhaps i shall change my stylesheet next layout, though i still love the current build.

i wasn't in the mood for something halloween-like, i'd totally oversleep halloween and have it there even past christmas. but yeah, i haven't been on my best spot a few days ago, but i'm doing much better now. i really need to focus on my physical health at the moment... my back is killing me and i ain't havin' it.

so far, so good. i will bring you some graphics later, not too much but at least something. i'm going to stream in nearly an hour and i have yet to get groceries and make dinner (i doubt i'd manage to finish all of that in time but alas).

i also made new linkstuff, i kept the button minimalistic for once, so if you'd rather use that, then take it!

have a nice one.


- nothing (yet) check it out next time!
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