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mar 31st 2021 03:48pm updates: - 2 murals
how did i use most of my break? playing animal crossing and working on my island. since i started remaking it there was a lot to do. aside from that, i have been watching movies and anime as well.

work has started last friday and it felt good being back. right now i am getting back into working despite having off on friday again. hell, it's certainly been a good bit.

my boyfriend got me one of those bond touch bracelets. that way we can send us vibrations to each other and it makes us feel like we're closer than ever. aside from that i had a little accident about two weeks ago. i don't want to go much into detail but all i can say is that i'm alright. my knee and my ankle are still suffering, but it's nothing that kills me.

right now i am super exhausted; i woke up and had to cleanse my apartment. i was told that poseidon was not poseidon, but someone else, and i could be potentially in danger. these moments are literally moments in which i question on contiunuing with paganism. but at the same time i'd rather have deities protect me if anything.

it's all a bit chaotic right now, which is why my activity is a bit slow here. i need to get back into stuff as soon as i recover from my exhaustion, which will be hopefully soon.

have a nice one.