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talking books amirite.

april 30th 2021 07:54pm updates: - new layout
oof. how do i start. so much happened. first of all, i had no motivation for ANYTHING. it's not like it's any better now, but hey, i am trying, alright? give me a second or two, and it'll be all gucci.

now where do i start? i've been busy. if it wasn't animal crossing, it was ffxiv. we got a new update and before that i decided to speedrun shadowbringers on an alt character of mine. can't say i was successful, there's still the patch quests to do.

then... occult and witch stuff. poseidon is back and he's there. he hasn't left and apparently he wasn't a demon that i had to get rid of. my boyfriend told me that, yes, but there's a specific reason why he told me and... i won't get into detail, it's too personal and i don't want to endanger his safety and it's not my place to tell anyone on the WWW.
but yeah, my boyfriend, however, went through a lot in the past two weeks. too much to be exact. it wasn't until two days ago when he messaged me again, explained what happened to him because he hasn't been online at all. of course i was obligated to worry about him. yesterday we were on a call and, gods, i was so happy to talk to him again. he's going through a lot right now, and i am trying my utmost to support him no matter what.

i've been dealing with chronical exhaustion and other things, i was busy with appointments playing video games. and you may see on the layout what i'm playing right now. nier replicant was released about a week ago, i am still on the A branch since i'm streaming the game mostly, but it's... so good. so, so good. if you played nier automata already, then you should know that replicant is the prequel and tells the story of what happened before androids had to fight against robots. the lore of nier is much, much deeper.

today i went on a shopping spree; i decided to go to luxembourg and caved in with some merch and asian snacks. i bought a zenitsu figure, two ffxiv mystery mini figures and the first volume of moriarty the patriot. the cover looked so good, so i wanted to buy it and... you know me, i am very, very into pretty boys.

ah, right. during my absence i finally got into tarot! i got myself a new deck in february and i am mainly using that now. i will plan on doing readings for visitors and friends if they ask me to, but i will be highly selective on doing so. keep in mind that tarot is not some silly hocus pocus, and that the reading may either be negative, positive, or show your true self or emotions and intentions. i learnt it the hard way.

alright, i will end this post now since i am very exhausted. i had work today, cleaned both distillery and restroom, walked my boss's dog AND walked around luxembourg city all afternoon. ya boi needs a break.
until next post.