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jul 18 '21 02:53pm DAZBEE - 僕が死のうと思ったのは updates:
- nothing
i don't want to say i'm unmotivated to do stuff here but i guess i do. right now i am working on several projects behind the scenes, one of them will be a german one i don't want to talk about for now, since it needs a bit more of background work than the other ones to actually make it public. i wanted it to be perfect.

i am also working on a personal collective, much as pandora's box, but.. you know, make it bigger. it's why REVERIE.NU is now the url of the fanlisting collective, because that's what i want the collective to be now-- kind of independent and closed to heimdallr overall. this may sound weird, but it basically means i want it standalone despite being one the same host. i want to get more into the fanlisting community and create fanlistings and shrines overall. which actually leads to another project, which is basically a fanlisting.

i really hope for a birthday update on heimdallr, though, and it will come! it will have a new layout and several graphics as well-- you got my word on that!

so far so good-- it's already late and i'm still awake, though i might hit the hay soon because fatigue is hitting me now. i'm doing fine, though, my physical and mental slump is still there, but i'm trying my utmost to get rid of it.

by the way, i finally have watched and finished the first season of marvel's loki, and boy... i am not ready for the second season. there's too much, but it's so so good. loki is such a well-written character, and i like the several versions of loki as well. i adored alligator loki, my boyfriend's a sucker for president loki. and sylvie is such a well-written character as well.

oh, and you may have seen that my about-page is currently inaccessible. i am revamping it right now, it might be done soon, however.

that's it for now, have a good one.