about the fool.

name's finnley, but you may call me finn! i am a trans male, born in the 93s, a proud aquarius and an incredible nerd. i've been doing websites since 2006, started with german websites first, and since 2015 or so, i decided to go full-on english. i am french and living in germany, though my french has been pretty much rusty over the years and i am only able understand it well by reading or listening to it.

i graduated as a media designer in 2017, however due to my current location, i am unable to work as such, so right now i am interning as an office worker until may 2021.

i love cats, ferrets and seals, i'm a foody and cook a lot in my spare time. i play a lot of video games, such as final fantasy xiv, trails-saga or just JRPGs in general. recently i have picked up on reading again, and i am also working on a german steampunk fantasy novel called cloudsbane!

i am bisexual and taken by the best boyfriend you could ask for— since august 2018! i love my friends a lot and talking about my original characters and role playing.

i really love to explore new things and hyperfixate on them if i'm interested in them, i do a lot of things on the internet aside from site making, such as streaming on twitch, online TCGs, fanlistings... you name it. i love to expand my online activity with various things.

i am also what you may call a pagan witch, i practice paganism but i'm still quite baby with it. right now i received the opportunity to follow the deities loki and persephone. i care about them a lot.

social medias

@azuresiegfrieds valimar finnley stardiver.#8306 finnlley

likes & dislikes


- sweets
- my boyfriend
- my friends
- trails-saga
- final fantasy xiv
- asmr
- vocaloid
- seals
- ferrets
- cats
- witchy things
- postcrossing
- occultism


- loud noises
- fortnite
- liars, snakes and traitors
- offensive stereotypes
- toxic gamers
- cold coffee
- lgbt-phobic people
- p*dophiles
- hot weather
- unflavored energy drinks
- moody people

did you know...