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this website is only part of what i'm doing at the WWWs. i work on and own several other projects.

pandora's box - fanlisting collective

opened: october 2020
art of website: fanlisting collective

i used to be part of fanlistings since 2011 and i have officially returned in october 2020. fanlists are fun, and making them is also very fun. it's always nice to see and find people, who share the same interests over and over.

phantasma - trading post

opened: january 2021
art of website: trading post

originally on the main site, i have deicded to make it on a separate site to keep things neat and organized. TCGs are a great thing to spend the time with; collecting cards, trading them with friends... i really found a passion on it.


opened: TBD
art of website: tcg, fanlist, ah, we just don't know yet! :)

work in progress