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why the name?

the name is referenced to the capital city of erebonia of the video game legend of heroes: trails of cold steel. i wasn't sure why i picked it in the first place, but maybe because i liked the name very much.

the concept of the site

i have been doing websites for more than a decade now, and i have been owning and abanoning sites very quickly. over the years i have learned a lot about coding and whatnot, and around 2019, i decided to go on a megapause. around july, it struck me to go back into site and graphics making, but i wanted to do something more than that.

i could have returned to wordpress, but i decided to do it vanilla instead and solely rely on the functions of cpanel and cutenews; the latter being my blogging platform/cms.

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sitely, scripts, etc.: resources: art:
cappucciconsicon symbols
variationstextures, patterns
neyti @ pixiv
fujichoco @ pixiv
J__JunZ @ pixiv

past designs