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time for some respite...

posted on 15 Aug 2020

... which is referred to the heatwave. the week was stressful as is, despite having worked only three days instead of four. but due to the heatwave we have received more orders than usual.

on thursday, my mother picked me up. we had discussed that she'd buy off my old phone ever since i got a new one on monday. it was supposed to be 100 bucks what she gave me but i got 120 instead. cannot complain about it. but my mother wanted me to use the money wisely. so we came to the conclusion that i'd use the money for a vacuum cleaner since i don't have one and i'm awful with dust allergies. that way i don't have to sweap my floor all the time and the vacuum cleaner does a better job.

i haven't really tested it out yet since i am more the type of person who cleans my apartment on sundays. so let's see how my new 'toy' is working, haha.

another thing i would like to mention is that i am slowly about to practice paganism. one of my very first acquisitions is a taro card deck which will be arriving in the coming days. and there's something i had in my mind...

would any of my affies and visitors be interested in weekly tarot readings? i have yet to learn and practice how to work on it myself but i guess as soon as i get the hang of it, i'd offer it. for free. i'd pick three people, do some reading and boom. you should be good for the coming week. this is just an idea, by the way, but i would like to learn more about tarot and fortune telling. my boyfriend and i are self-declared baby witches. we're both practicing paganism. he's more into it than i am, considering he already got two patrons. i have yet to clean my inner and outer chaos to let anyone in, because i strongly believe that it'd be easier for deities to visit me if i'd have a tidier place.

so far so good, that's all i have to say. i got food in the oven and i might play some video games later.


tcg stuff.
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by Dee @ 05 Sep 2020 01:59 pm
Hi there! Replying to your comment on my blog; I'd love to be affies! I'll add you now! :) - crumplelucinda.blogspot.com
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