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posted on 18 Oct 2020

hooo boy.... it's been... over a month.

i really apologize for being incredibly quiet. there're reasons for my absence and i will explain them. i've been overdue with some stuff and right now, i'm not feeling at my best with chronic pain and depression. there's nothing that has happened overall, it's just work being quite stressful.

on top of that, i've been streaming trails of cold steel iii on twitch and playing genshin impact in my pastime or doing other things. so yeah... it certainly has been a bit too much for me to actually take care of my website. though it's not like i abandoned it, i've been checking it daily and reading the lovely messages on my cbox. it's just... too much at the moment and i've been trying to scrap by.

oh, and i case you haven't noticed yet:
- heimdallr got a tld! thanks to namecheap i have finally gathered myself heimdallr.moe! i thought it'd be a lovely idea and i went with it. if you haven't changed my url, please do it now! the haliya domain doesn't work anymore.

the only thing i got for today is an icon, the one i'm using right now. maybe if i wouldn't have an off-phase, i'd do more. perhaps at a later date.

so far, so good.

see ya.


- 1 icon
- tld domain: heimdallr.moe
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