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adios, cutenews.

jan 14th 2021 03:46pm
unfortunately, i have to end my long-lasting relationship with cutenews. reason was a security breach some hackers have found and decided to use to hack my site. the damage wasn't too big, however, since they managed to actually not change my cpanel password and/or delete my files. i have contacted my host about it and even lysanthus actually confirmed that this might have been the cause of the hacking attack.

to be honest, i don't understand why people would go and hack sites; is it fun? for shits and giggles? is it to harm the owner of the website? i certainly don't know, but thanks to that experience, i really came to the conclusion to actually remove cutenews from my system to avoid any further issues.

i am now looking for a different news system, for some reason fanupdate didn't seem to work properly as it doesn't want to display any entries and... i don't know about fusionnews since i heard it has a similar build like cutenews. i might as well just end up posting manually like that until i find a better solution.

i've been using cutenews in my past for years, and i never knew that it was that much of a problem to use it because people would find a way to hack your site using that news system. lesson learned, honestly.

so far, so good. i will now focus on other things.
until then.