please send your full set of steps to: ephemaires[at]
with the subject:
"mural step: favorite character"
this mural's topic is: your favorite character!
  • this is strictly an animated media themed mural. which means live action are NOT allowed.
  • one step at the time, please. you MAY request for a second step, but they shouldn't overlap with each other and you should wait until another step from someone else is made before requesting a new one.
  • please make sure to use official artwork for your steps!

  • normal step size: 400 x 290 px:

    step with overlap: 500 x 290 px:


1 || Chuuya - Bungou Stray Dogs von finnley 2 || Noctis - Final Fantasy XV von Yuumiko 3 || Xiao - Genshin Impact von Riyuri 4 || Name von Your Site 5 || Name von Your Site 6 || Name von Your Site 7 || Name von Your Site 8 || Name von Your Site 9 || Name von Your Site 10 || Name von Your Site