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by finnley

We’re getting close to winter, and I sure can feel that already. Winter might not be my favorite season, but I prefer it over Summer, that’s for sure. And usually I prefer to spend these days with video games or watching anime and shows. And as of late I have been streaming a lot on twitch as well, even to the point I have debuted as a VTuber.

Schedule is a bit messy at times, but oh boy, it’s totally fine. Sometimes things happen and I can’t change it. Like the release of Endwalker. It gets delayed to two weeks, which I totally accept and acknoledge. I just might have to ask Boss if it’s okay to change my vacation. I don’t think she’d mind, but since I already requested off mid-december, it will get a bit risky. I doubt she’d let me take all December off after all, but eh, I gotta negociate with her about this.

And yeah, the title says it all: DnD. First off, I am new to campaigns, and I recently joined my first campaign ever, and tonight we’ll have our first official session. I am a bit nervous and excited, I have never done something like DnD before, yet I am ready and willing to learn from it.

I’ll talk about my character in a separate post though, I am currently waiting for artwork of him to be done. I requested some artwork on Skeb, which is a japanese-based commission site for twitter users. Japanese-based because it’s 95% japanese artists you can request art from there. Best part, you don’t need to communicate that much with artists; you just give them an instruction, pay the price and wait for approval.

Now about Animal Crossing. The New Horizons 2.0 has dropped this week, and even a day earlier! Totally unexpected, and yet I enjoy it so, so much! I am still working on my island and tweak several things. I have also ordered custom Amiibo Coins of three new villagers on Etsy. I also got the DLC because I have the family plan with a few other people, which was upgraded with the expansion pass.

Since it is the last major update, we probably won’t get too much anymore, but this is fine. We got the coffee shop and so much more, I couldn’t be any happier!

As of now I don’t have much to say. I might write a bit more in the future, especially about my DnD character!

So far so good, see you next post!

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