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by finnley

As of late, I have been more or less been involved into being a Vtuber, aka a Virtual Youtuber. Although, since I mainly stream on Twitch, I could actually call it a VStreamer. Vtuber is like the mother term for everything, since it mainly gets used for the Virtual Content Creator overall. But how’s it about being a Vtuber, and why is it so fun to me rather than showing my real face?

I think the best part of being a Vtuber is, in fact, that you don’t show your face via cam during streams. This is very convenient if you feel rather self-conscious about your looks, but still want to give your stream some kind of expression.

In my case, I am either too shy or don’t have the “face” to show on stream. I am not saying I am ugly, I just personally think I don’t have the face, and no, that doesn’t mean I am ugly.

There are two kinds of Vtubers, those that use 3D models, and those that use 2D models. The 2D model variant is a bit special, since you need a rigged model, that you can rig with the program Live2D. It’s not easy, and making a model as in drawing isn’t easy either, since you need to layer literally EVERYTHING. Yeah, I am not joking here. You need to do that in order to make it work in Live2D.

As for 3D, you can either make yourself a 3D model on any 3D program, or you use Vroid, which is a free software and model maker. That’s what I use for my models.

That’s me, btw. (I know, kinda cringe).

In order to make the model move, I use VSeeface, which tracks my motions and facial expressions. It tracks everything via webcam. My PC isn’t strong enough to keep this going throughout gameplays, which is why I juse VMagialMirror. It has the ability to not track my facial expressions via Webcam, but it has some unique movements and makes the mouth move with the microphone.

Okay but… why do I do this? Why do I stream? Why am I claiming myself as a Vtuber? To join a trend? To make money?

Not…really. Money doesn’t play a role here, I just love sharing my experiences when I play video games, especially games I have never played before. And I don’t care much about the money anyway. If I receive a donation, it makes me happy, but he doesn’t make me ask for more. No one’s obligated to donate me money anyway.

Just overall I think it’s very fun. I get to play my little role (as a Vtuber I am a shape shifting homunculus for example) and I entertain people with it. I play Minecraft and yell at creepers or cry over an axolotl. I play FFXIV and show my true self while clashing in PvP. It’s just me enjoying myself and sharing it with people.

Of course commentary is important, which is why I try to communicate as much as possible, no matter if I have views or not. It makes the stream interesting. Sometimes I interact with the viewers in chat as well. Hate to say it but yes, I enjoy the attention.

Anyways, this is why I have been so quiet, and will be for a while. As of now I am taking a streaming hiatus with little to no streams.

My twitch is finnlley, by the way, and if you got the time, this friday, the 26th of november at 8pm CET, I will be streaming with another Vtuber. Feel free to hop in and watch me and my collab partner trying to solve puzzles in Portal 2 Coop.

Until next post!

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