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by finnley

I am very late, but happy new year. And man, I wish it would have started much better than now. I thought I’d have everything under control, until I had to visit the doctor for stomach pain and was later admitted to the hospital, because my doctor was panicking and thinking it could be apendicitis. Turned out I was actually alright, nothing bad happened and it was all a waste of time.

The doctors, however, called me off for the rest of the week, and then I received the message that the store I work at, would be closing down, and I’d be losing my job.

Great, right? I am now sitting here without a job, and it’s not so great. I have been working and waiting for getting one, three years did it take me, only to work for seven months and lose all of it.

Now, I don’t want to sound very dramatic, it’s just a bit sad that this year didn’t start well for me, but it’s not a reason to cry in a corner and turn into an edgy kid with edgy lines and think my life doesn’t make any fucking sense anymore.

I haven’t been active for the past weeks because I was mainly focusing on my Vtuber thing, and so far I am doing well. The fact I have become affiliate is already what matters a lot to me, and it was something I have been yearning for a good while. It took me quite a bit, but with the right ways I was more than ready.

But throughout the whole thing, I’ve had someone try to one-up me by everything, and it was not so good. I don’t want to spill any details about this person or shit talk them to the extreme, as I am not someone who talks bad about people on my blog, but it was a bit frustrating. I made my Stream Overlay (except a few assets like my waiting screens and alerts) myself, and someone, who saw my stream, had the nerve to say “Guess I have to up my game now” as if saying that they wanted to surpass me. I said that this is not a competition, and they should quit that shit, as it’s not a good mentality to do so. They also asked me for a throne code (Throne is like a wishlist for streamers, and the only way to get it is if you get an invite code by someone else, or undergo a very long waitlist), and I said I don’t have the spare one anymore, as I gave it to a friend. I got guilt tripped on, and that’s when I gave them a good mindful, and one day later their twitch got deleted, as it seemed they couldn’t reach what they wanted.

Found out they were doing the same thing to small vtubers as well, however, so I wasn’t the only case.

But anyways, moving on. What’s in my mind right now? I gotta find a new job of course, and I am trying my best to do so! Alongside of that, I have finally gotten my booster, and I should be fine for now.

I have also been spending a lot of time in VRChat despite not owning a VR headset, and I met new friends on this platform as well. They have all been nice and all, and I appreciate any of them for listening to my rambles and jokes.

I’d say more for now, but that’s about it. I have one more blogpost drafted, which will be posted in a couple of days! Though before I’d post it first, I’d rather I’d update on what’s currently going on, and why I have been so quiet. I certainly hope that everything will go well.

Have a nice one.

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  • Tiffany says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your job, I hope that everything ends up well for you. I hope your streaming goes well, and I completely understand the whole one upping thing, I’ve had it happen to me as well in various stages. I remember one of my co-workers actually dyed her hair the same color as me then started to dress and act like me, then every time I mention anything, she would talk about how she did it and knew more about it than me, when it was obvious she didn’t.

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