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by finnley

I have certainly been silent for the couple months, and I am sorry. There are a couple reasons as of why, and I will talk about it of course. Things have turned for the better, but I have not reached everything I was bound to, but each on its own.

First of all, I still have no job, and I am still working to get one. The only problem is the whole pandemic, it ruins everything, and due to my disability status I am unable to apply to everything and everyone because it needs to be discussed by the job association I am part of. Due to my disability status the potential workplace may have some benefits but have to deal with the fact I can’t give my 100% or sometimes even 120% they request of me, but I’d give them my 75% or even my 50%. And this is the problem I am currently facing. Some workplaces are unwilling to deal with someone who can only give them the 50% or the 75%. This is frustrating as is, but for the time being the job association would offer me an internship at a workshop where I can do tons of things. It is to keep my schedule in check, since right now I am still suffering from a shitty schedule. I go to bed at 4, wake up at 12, 1 or even 2, and it’s a pain. I am considering on going to the workshop to keep my schedule at bay, and even socialize before I get another mental breakdown that’d get me to the mental hospital again.

Secondly, I have decided to rebrand my VTuber, and in addition to that, I am now part of a Vtuber group! It’s not a company per se, just a small group, but benefits are promised and much more. I cannot talk about it that much, since I have still signed an NDA and I’d rather keep this stuff under the wraps for reasons. This may sound shady, but I take this still very seriously.

Also, I’ve had my birthday on February 9th, and it may have been boring, but then I was in VRchat with some of my friends and we played UNO, Murder 4 and Among Us. We had lots of fun, especially while it lasted. I definitely would do it again at some point, that’s for sure.

Another thing I’d like to add is that I am getting back to voice acting after so many years. Now with a better PC and mic (and no laptop that sounds like a plane) I want to go back for it. I am working on a german project called H√∂rspielwald, where I voice act for several audio plays, as well as another project (InuYasha Abridged, can’t talk much about it since not much has been discussed yet).

There are more things that happened and I am focussing on, such as FFXIV (obviously), fic writing and a bit more, but I don’t want to ramble about all this.

By the way, there are still several posts I have drafted for months now, and I will make them public once I find the time for it.

One thing, however, I would like to add is that I have seen some drama on the site community, and I am afraid that this has been still a thing. While I understand the frustration here and there, and the reasons and background, I’d rather not deal with it overall or take any sides, as it might just end up destroying bonds and friendships already established. In that case things should’ve been discussed or solved in private and not made public. I am not pointing at anyone or name any names, but all I want to say if, if you’re at odds with someone, just block them, stop talking with or about them and don’t drag other people, that have nothing to do with the whole thing, into it.

I hope you understand my sentiment, and for those affected by this, you may feel free to remove me from my affi list if this leaves a bad taste in your mouth, but I’d rather say my piece than take sides and point at whomever and go “yeah you’re in the right, they’re in the wrong.” It’d leave a bad taste in my mouth, neither am I saying that both are in the wrong or right, and as I mentioned it should be discussed in private. If said discussion is impossible, then it’s best to move on.

That’s all I have to say, I hope you have a good one.

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