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by finnley

Since my last post some things have happened. I’d like to say they were all good, because I believe one of them wasn’t good at all, but I am trying to manage with it. Oh, and there’s still issues with my internet and my ISP can’t stress enough to finally contact the tech department and send over a tech guy to fix the issues.

Last week someone was about to come over, but this blatant fool simply just considered the task done without even showing up at all, and I have been waiting for HOURS and I had another errand to attend. But yeah, he didn’t bother coming at all and I went super late. To make things worse next day was super important to me, and I wanted to be done with the day asap. But oh well.

On the other side, I am currently attending a workshop! The workshop is a facility for people with disabilities, to help them get situated in a job. I started this Wednesday, and it’s an amazing environment.

Of course I could go look for a real job, but that’s what I want to do next. I believe I mentioned in last post why it is hard for me to get a job after all. And the workshop is the best they can do for me so I won’t get depressed to the point I have a mental breakdown that will admit me in a mental clinic like back in 2018. Of course the circumstances were slightly different back then, but it would happen again if I were to live my life the way I do right now.

The people are nice and caring, they respect my handicap and are aware of me not being able to stand around for 6-7 hours in a row. And before anyone would come at me and be like “I can stand around for 10 hours, I am doing just fine!!” well… uhm… good for you? I am built different, and you must be aware that not everyone has the same stamina like you do, and I have been out of this for so many years. My previous jobs and internships were all about sitting around, and I believe standing and moving this much might eventually help me lose some weight as well.

In the past weeks I have finally focused on my fanlistings as well. The TCG community is currently dormant and on hiatus from what I’ve seen, so I am focusing on that instead until it’s back and I can work on a new design for it as well.

Some fanlistings have been planned in the future, if anyone’s interested to check them out, then Reverie.NU is the place. There I’m listing all those that are currently owned and maintained by me, as well as those that I have joined. There are still a few in the making, and I hope I can get to them asap!

So far so good. There are still some things I need to work on, and once this is done, I may check back in.

Have a good one, until next post.

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  • Tiffany says:

    I hope that the internet company steps up and fixes the issue you for you! That sounds like an amazing workshop, and you are right one person’s normal is not another person’s, and people like to pretend that the “younger generation” is lazy and not that they might have a reason to not beable to do something, and they like to pretend that invisible illness don’t exist when they obviously do.

    I remember I was working a double at a gas station, and it was almost the end of the double shift, so I wasn’t preforming as well as I normally do, which my manager was fine with. A elderly couple came up, and because they wanted to change the total of their purchase after the fact they made it out like I couldn’t do math (I am bad at it but this wasn’t the issue) and started being really nasty. It wasn’t until I said I’m 30 years old, I’m a veteran, and I am tried from working a double, and I remember I was being a bit rude about that, that they apologized. But I shouldn’t have to throw out my age (apparently I look much younger they thought I was 19/20), or my service to get respect.

    This didn’t have much to do with your post, but the “I can stand around for 10 hours, I am doing just fine!!” reminded me of that, because people will see what they want to see in others, with out being nice and compassionate, in general.

  • Prism Snow says:

    Hope everything will works out for you.

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